Happy to Know You
Happy to Know You, is a publication created in collaboration with residents at the Haro Park Centre Society, a long-term care facility. The project was to co-design and co-write a mini publication series featuring resident stories. We were paired with three residents and over the course of six visits, we facilitated activities that would allow us to exchange stories and have meaningful connections with the residents. 
This project was inspired by the Zeitgeist Kollektiv, a public editorial design and storytelling project within a care home system. It was created as a platform for meaningful exchange and social interaction between students, residents, their families and care home staff through both the design process and the final design outcomes. This project gives voice to residents, providing an opportunity for creative and emotional expression, stimulation of positive memories and the engagement of residents in a unique and meaningful activity. 
This project offered learning opportunities in storytelling, publication design, co-design and participatory design research. The final piece was printed using a Risograph printer. 
This project was in collaboration with Alexandra Garcia and Madi Macdonald 
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